Galamara is a three-headed, carnivorous and parastic sentient plant. Its gets most of its nutrients from wrapping spiney vines on other plants and sucking the life out of them, but it also eats meat. It's completely blind, but feels prey walking on its vines. One vine, not pictured, has a large blade at the end, which it uses to skewer particularly troublesome food.

In the Myran language, "gala" means "plant" and "mara" is "beast", so its name literally means "plant-beast".

Image actual size and painted in gouache.

More Images

A one-headed Galamara.

A more level side-view.

Crude colored pencil sketch of Galamara's head to demonstrate the color scheme.

An alternate Galamara design that has three heads. The petals on their heads from left to right would be blue, pink, and purple.

Three-headed version from the side, includes the trunks that go into the ceiling.

The very first Galamara drawing I did. You've come a long way, baby.

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