Bionic bioweapon with a fleshy membrane covering a robotic interior. The flesh on its tail eventually ends, and a metal tube and a bunch of wires hook into a main computer from there. The wheel on the clock spins around, lands on a number, and a signal is sent back to the main computer to send something out the mouth, such as a long metal tentacle, poison, a laser, or a flamethrower.

The name is pronounced like there's no I's. So, it's like "ernshll".

More Images

The main image was a study for this painting, which has a better background even if the perspective is totally out of whack. I did alter this painting slightly, using glaze to make it look like the veins are under the skin, but I haven't gotten around to photographing the new one. (Acrylic on canvas, actual size 40" X 30")

Older sketch.

Unfinished notebook sketch of Erinshill from the front. This was actually my first draft of it, and the legs are really thick and come out the side instead of under it, and the clock is way oversized.

Notebook doodle of the other side, with a transparent wall showing the end of the tail. Here, it's wrapped around a pole. When I doodled this, I wasn't sure what I wanted to do with the tail.

A xerox of the main image, colored with pencils. A bit too red, and it's kind of hard to make out the veins I drew on him, but maybe if you know what you're looking for you can see them.

I made this for a contest at I-Mockery, where you were supposed to create your own Madballs. This is a more accurate colorization of it, although the design itself got lost in the change to a ball shape. I made the "tears" runnier, though I am considering making that canon.

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