Friends' Places

DEATHAMSTER'S NEST - Archives and commentary on stuff from the Game Pond and Port Saiid. Sometimes I feel a little bad that I wasn't around for the Game Pond.
- Reviews, shrines, oddities, music, and the excellent RAU Gallery sketch comedy. A major inspirtation for and influence on my own site.

From a Mind of Eternal Chaos - An upstart blog with game reviews and other writings.

GameWTFs - Game insanity ahoy!

Greybob's Igloo
- This site just launched recently so there's not a whole lot here yet, but what is here is really good.

- I never noticed before that in Earthbound, Giygas' third phase was shaped like a fetus. Thanks, Daryn. As if that fight wasn't creepy enough.

Neglected Mario Characters
- I think Jay Resop abandoned his site to Sean Kelly and some other guy, but at least his older stuff is still there.

NES Horsemen
- NES reviews are the highlight here, but it hasn't been updated in a long time.

Rage Quitter 87's Sites
- Formerly Super Galvatron's Corner Shop. The Corner Shop is still there in a revamped form, but he's also got subsites for Fist of the North Star/Hokuto No Ken and Final Fight.

Random Hoo-Haas
- Reviews, obersavations, rants, and MS Paint art done in a unique sense of humor. Also, a subsite the Metal Slug series, and in-progress shrine to the entire Bomberman series.

Sweetbee's Game Hive - Zany humor, reviews that are both entertaining and insightful, and a few shrines including one of the best coverages of Action 52 on the 'net.

Everything Else

Aqua Bunny
- A fanart site dedicated to the Nidoran families!

Blaster Master Underground - Ever wonder who that "Seven7 (BMUG)" guy mentioned in the Blasting Again credits was? It's this guy!

Comics Curmudgeon - Josh does the cartoonists' jobs for them and makes the funnies funny.

Fantasy Anime - Good coverage of several RPGs and other games.
- Used to be for games that were old and good, now they've branched out into all Good Ol' Games.

- Commentary on all kind of random stuff, from movies and comic books to corn mazes and Amish country.

Rocket Worm
- Oodles of Earthworm Jim fanart, and the webmaster's avatar is a lemming.

Scary Crayon
- Mostly about toys, but does have stuff about cartoons, video games, and chocolate covered crickets.

Super Mario Brothers HQ
- This site is about everything Halo. What, couldn't you tell from the name?

- One of the few webcomics on the Internet that doesn't suck!

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