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Did anybody really need a mental image of E. Honda in a bathtub?

"My hands move so fast the whole page blurs!" Yeah, sorry, I couldn't find anything better to say.

Take your pick:
(A) Guile used telekinesis to knock over that tray of food, because he doesn't like the human Hellboy,
(B) Guile's hair is actually made of french fries and hamburgers, or,
(C) The samurai painting used telekinesis to knock over that tray of food because Guile's barber is about to cut his nose.

Your guess is as good as mine.


No comment.

Yeah, we know all these other monks are acting retarded, but we just don't like you!

People hate E. Honda so much they threw hot dogs or toy rockets or something I dare not speak at his dressing room.

Psychic who knew there was something interesting behind him? Or victim of Sega Master System cover syndrome?


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