Statue of Nepotekh Writing of Nepotekh

There's at least two times when the game mentioned Nepotekh, lord of the Nile and guardian of the stomach. But if my sources are correct, Nepotekh is not the lord of the Nile (Osiris is) nor is he the guardian of the stomach (Duamutef). In fact, I can't even find anything that states Nepotekh is an Egyptian god at all. Oh well; they got Baast and Ra right.

Yowzer!  A box of Uncle Rodney's Crunchy Weasel Flakes! Keen!  A packet of Crispie Twistie Termite Bites!
Cool!  I'ts a packet of Chocolate Penguin Slices! Bonus!  A box of Squid and Nut Tentacle Surprise!

The people of Metro City have very strange tastes. And the last one could almost qualify for a censor violation.

What's this doing here?  It looks like a prop for Don Giovanni. I ask for Bruce Lee and they send me this?  Hah!  Die wimp! Gentlemen throw their hats like Odd Job

Some movie references.

Incredible!  This phone booth hasn't been vandalised!  Unless, of course, Sutekh's put anthrax-infected earwigs in the ear piece.

Insert your own Tom Daschle joke here.

'Brick now deactivated, Dave.'

Inside the manion where you find the Crown, a little voice keeps saying "Dave". It's not Nightshade's real name 'cause Nightshade's real name is Mark Gray (it says it in the manual). I admit they might have gotten the names totally wrong, but for some reason it just seems unlikely. This is a bit of a long shot, but I wonder if it's a reference to the guy from Maniac Mansion. I can't find any other reason for it to be "Dave".

*UPDATE* The day I got this up, some readers told me what this is. It's a reference to Hal from 2001: A Space Odyssey. It may belong up in the movie references, but I'll keep it here. Thank you readers Introbulus for pointing it out and Tonberry2K for confirming it.

Oh, so you need it in writing?  Well, it a D-O-G dog, a small fluffy quadruped complete with fleas and dog-breath What interesting water!  It glows in the dark!
Nightshade sees two knick-knacks, a gee-gaw, and a thingummybob. Nightshade seems a steaming pile of rags and bones with a hat attached.

Some funny descriptions to stuff you can examine.

Oh look!  It's Nightcart! Hey!  It's that superhero er... whatsit... um... Lampshade!
Howdy-do, oh mighty Nightpants.

Yes, he's the hero Metro City's been waiting for, but nobody can get Nightshade's name right.

Let's see here... 'Attack of the Giant, Rabid Vampire Elvis Clone'... 'Learn to Speak Spanish Like an Italian'... 'I Was a Teenage Swamp Monster From the Pit'... 'Transcendental Sky-Diving'...
My, what varied taste the ownser of these had.

After you take the Book of Egyptology from the bookshelf in the Library/Mansion, reexamine the bookshelf, and....

Curio's Killed the Cat

In one screen, you will find a ninja beating up an old man (or you won't if you already beat up the ninja). Look at the name of the shop behind them. You'd think with all this cat bashing, that's all there'd be. But Nightshade has to bow down and worship them in order to get the headpiece to the Staff of Ra.

Overthrow the government!  Let us rise up and... er... squeak? If there's on thing I can't stand, it's anarchic squirrels.

Better than theocratic chipmunks, I guess.

Now bug off.  And take those darn subtitles with you.

Well, not like the fourth wall was still intact anyway.

There's about a dozen other quotes I could post, but this is getting packed. My last ones will be the Newspaper Archive. After you get your Popularity halfway to the max, you can enter the Newspaper Archive. The craziness in there deserves its own section. I will then throw in the weird frames that are from the ending of the game at the end of that same section.