2015 Updates

10/23 - From Kiwis to Strawberry Bunny Goo
The Fall Semester started last month and another batch of CIST courses is kicking my butt, as shown by the sparse September quickies. Digital Forensics, Project Management, and... well, I won't spoil what else I'm taking, but I might be able to share the fruits of one of the classes with you all come December.

- CK

9/22 - I'm the Kitten with a Whip
Well here's a change of pace; I've got the August quickies out before September ended. Barely, but still, baby steps folks.

I've also made a couple slight changes to the File Cabinet article formatting, so don't think you're going crazy if the review section looks a little larger.

- CK

08/25 - Mediocrity Ho!
I've finally caught up with the quickies in today's July batch. I meant to get this update out a couple days ago, but I was busy wrapping up the Mass Effect trilogy. I didn't mind the ending that much, although that might have been because the fan outrage made me expect something much worse.

- CK

08/03 - Very Much Aware of the "Cantankerous Cat" Hypocrisy, Thank You
June quickies are go. Let's see if I can get the July ones up by the end of the month.

By the way, those of you who follow me on Twitter might be wondering what happened to all those shitty Pokemon movies I watched in May and June. I've got something else planned for those.

- CK

07/13 - A Sad Day For All the Ninty Kids
Last night I was finishing up work on the May quickies (you'll probably be able to tell from reading it that the Super Mario RPG quickie was a bitch to write) when my Twitter feed started flooding with the news that Nintendo President Satoru Iwata had passed away at age 55. It's so surreal, when just a month ago his Muppet was doing the Kermit dance at E3. And while I didn't intend to specifically dedicate this update or quickie to him, I guess Lady Coincidence is making it so. Even weirder is one of the quickies references something from the aforementioned E3.

Farewell, Iwata. I wish more top-ranking executives could laugh at themselves.

- CK

06/25 - More Poke-Shit!
After catching up on the Quickies, I slack them off! For filler, here's the first new MOREC in a year; a collection of my random Pokemon Fan Ideas

- CK

06/03 - Why Does Totodile Sound Like a Duck?
April 2015 quickies. I was aiming to get that done a lot sooner, but Pokemon Silver happened. At least I'm reasonably caught up on the quickies now.

- CK

05/14 - Dammit Demeter, Make Up Your Mind
So how about this Northeast weather, folks? One day it's cold. The next day, it's humid as as all hell. Then it's cold again. Well, bundle up warm or break out the fans, and sit down with the March 2015 quickies.

- CK

04/26 - Fried Kiwis
Gyuh, sorry about that stretch of nothing. School shit hit the fan for the past month, but the semester's over and it's time for some catching up. First up, the Februrary 2015 quickies. Yes, it took me almost two months to write quickies for two kid's books. Shut up.

And if you don't know what the update header is reffering to, you're not following me on Twitter and don't know what you're missing. Which probably isn't a bad thing in this case...

- CK

03/23 - Out For a Swim
So I wanted to use my Spring Break to get the third chapter of the Merged Hulk done for St. Patrick's Day, but in between one week not being enough to do it and my own lack of inspiration (fuck this winter), all I was able to do was scan a bunch of pictures and throw in some patches of first draft writing. Yeah, five CIST courses is kind of kicking my butt.

I'm trying out a new background for the site, as well as a slight remodeling to the front page. I'm trying to phase out that Garfield font I had all over the site. As always, email me, Tweet me, or stop by my forum with any comments.

- CK

03/07 - Oh Yes
The front page of Lemmings Forever has been redone, along with the Lemmings: The Genesis Quest, Lemmings: The Hypnosis Enigma, and Lemmings Oddities pages. More coming soon, but the Games probably won't be revamped until I rewrite those pages.

Also, these page from the File Cabinet have been revamped:

Fifteen Questions About the Masters of the Universe Movie
Yay, more embarrassing writing from my early college years!

He-Man and the Colossus
Want an idea of how much that game has softened me? Ever since I played it, I've found myself looking back on Shadow of the Colossus more charitably. Shadow of the Colossus, people.

My Game Collection
I also added a few games, but a combination of the size of the collection and it being divided between two states, I can't say how complete this is.

The Nathan Spencer Figure
Embarrassing Confession Time? I once planned to make the Nathan Spencer/Alex Mercer/Tetsuo thing a series.

The Ultraverse Prime Figure
Not editing this one, because the figure doesn't deserve it.

- CK

02/25 - Lot Of "Screw You"s This Update!
Just in time for March, the January 2015 Quickies are go!

And I'm sorry, but Prime Time was so embarrassing I had to go back and clean it up. I didn't rewrite the whole thing (especially since my memory isn't particularly fresh; I read the comics years ago and my books are in another state and even if I did have them, screw you if you think I'm reading the Rogue Prime ones again), just edited it to be less awkward. Some parts actually held up fine, some parts are just really sappy, and some lines made no bloody sense even to me. And what the holy hell was I thinking when I stuck that random, poorly written boner joke into the paragraph about Kevin having a flashback to his first Prime transformation?? How I illustrated my feelings towards the ending of the series was also pretty fuckheaded.

- CK

02/20 - Ah Yes, The Great Madness
The following pages have been updated to the new format:

Bionic Commando: Rearmed and Bionic Commando: Round 2
I also changed the names of these two articles to something less offensive. Wow, I was being WAY too mean in these. Either I've chilled out over the years or that game has even made me retroactively easier on everything else.

Condemned: Origins and Bloodshot
Oh, those fucking mannequins.

Dr. Robotnik: Animation's Sexiest Fat Man
I have no idea why I didn't convert this one sooner, since I know you were all just dying to be reminded of it.

The Misadventures of p0rn Sigma
I also altered the formatting of the actual article to be less of a clusterfuck.

The Modern Pip & Flinx Book Covers Suck
I guess titles don't get more to the point that that.

Prime Time
Damn, looking at this brought back memories. Some warm (final Prime's pre-Marvel-buyout arc), some completely embarrassing (Rogue Prime, my own writing).

Return to the Ultraverse
So, this has been sitting unfinished for how many years now?

"Hey Codie, shouldn't some of the pages in Lemmings Forever be an easy convert?" Actually, I want that section of the site to have a different header than the others, which I need to actually make before I do any conversions over there.

- CK

A selection of music for Binding of Isaac: Rebirth has been added to the Game Music.

And a couple of announcements. First, updates are probably going to be a bit sparse over the next couple of months. I'm taking five CIST classes this semester, including one in database design that's taught me to despise online classes. What updates I do get out are mainly going to be updating old pages to the new format, music updates, and quickies. I wanted to finish the Merged Hulk thing on New Years, but that fell through. Then I thought I could get it ready for Valentine's Day, but that too got kicked in the head. It's probably going to have to wait until Summer. If you want morsels in between updates, follow me on Twitter.

Second, the quickies for this year are probably going to be heavy on replays. See, in the wake of finishing Pokemon Omega Ruby it occured to me that I'd never finished either Pokemon Gold or Silver; I futzed around with a fan translated ROM of Silver back before it was officially released, and I've gotten... ten? badges in Crystal, but got stuck in Cerulean City because I couldn't figure out how to get back up a one-way path from Pewter Town. Anyway, I fired up my copies, along with Blue, and found the batteries in all three were dead. So I figured I'd learned how to replace batteries, using a method where you replace the entire clip rather than cutting the old battery out of it. So far I've successfully changed the batteries in those three and a spare Startropics. And since some of my other games may not be far behind, maybe it's time to gradually replace their batteries. Of course, that means losing my data, and what else is there to do at that point but recreate it? Been wanting to replay Super Mario RPG anyway, but I'd like to replace a few more cheap games' batteries before attempting that one.

Until next time, Ciao

01/19 - Another Kind of Game-Breaking Kitty
Putting the final bow on 2014 with The Year in Review. I tried to get that done sooner, but Binding of Isaac: Rebirth kept getting in the way. I know, I'm as surprised as you.

01/07 - Make My Day
And now the December Quickies. Bit of an underwhelming month, actually. Though I did that Elgato for Christmas, and updated the Mass Effect screenshot in November as I said I would. Eventually I'd like to update the screenshot for NIER in November 2012, though I'd hate to lose the actual action in that screen.