2010 Updates

12/21 - Hey, Remember This Crap?
For the first time in, like, two years I've updated the Bestiary, and quite a bit:

- New pictures for Galamara, the Chimera, the Griffin, and the Erinshill. Also, new profiles for the first three.

- The "Ornith" is now the "Ronith" and "Merugid" has been renamed "Meragidd" and both have some new pictures. The ronith also has a completely new profile.

- I've added entries for the Manticore and Maaza.

- All the Supernaturals have had their profiles altered, because I decided there's only one set of gods, and none of them are evil, just neutral. Consequently, I took down Agatha and Clauss until I figure out what to do with them. They're probably going to be revised into "Salamander" and "Basilisk (2)". Aside from Meragidd who I already mentioned, Kinkane is the only one with new material.

- I've replaced a number of the images on the main page with new, color versions.

Meant to make a new CK title card for the section, but didn't get around to it. Also, I put cell borders around the section images and put the File Cabinet at the top.

12/12 - Back into the Cold, Of Course
A Blaster Master Odds and Ends in MOREC which includes, among other things, quite possibly the fan-girliest thing I've ever written. But seriously, this should be the last Blaster Master thing I put up for now.

I'm also working on redrawing some of the Codiekitty title images around the site, because a lot of the older ones are really freaking terrible. This time around it's Lemmings Forever on the main page, and the Books in the File Cabinet. I also rearranged the order of the main sections slightly because I haven't done anything with the Comics Corner in ages and didn't feel it should be at the top anymore (MOREC comes first because the cabinet being cut off means the File Cabinet image doesn't look right unless there's something above it).

Also, on the I'll Be Mellow When I'm Dead page I neglected to mention anywhere that it was a school project (I only mentioned that here on the main page, and most people probably aren't checking the Log), so I added something in there about that.

UPDATE UPDATE 12/15: Hoo boy, that MOREC was full of typos. I've worked on that.

11/30 - Still Blasting
And now back to my cynical self to discuss some Blasting Again Stupidity. This actually started out as a MOREC, but got so long and in-depth that I decided to put in some screenshots and throw it into the File Cabinet.

11/21 - I'm On a Roll!
Today I deviate from my usual "I hate everything!" attitude and offer up Ten Things I Like About Blaster Master 2.

11/13 - 1s and 0s Everywhere! And I Thought I Saw a 2!
I decided to take down the pre-review Overdrive MOREC altogether, and put up another MOREC on Overdrive Review Scraps. Basically, it's some additional stuff that, for one reason or another, didn't make it into the main review.

11/06 - Boy, Is My Face Red
Guess I kind of jumped the gun on that Blaster Master Overdrive MOREC, because the day after I posted it I went and restarted the game, and actually beat it, and Wii video capture isn't half as bad as I thought it would be, especially since Overdrive doesn't use motion control. Here's a full review, and the MOREC has had a note added to it relating to this.

UPDATE UPDATE 11/07 - Two notable changes to the Overdrive review, aside from some general tinkering with the text; First, when I drew Jason for that image at the bottom, I did it from memory and got his hair all wrong. I went back and redrew it after actually looking at a picture of him, although I left the bangs on him out of personal choice. Secondly, I wasn't sure if anyone was going to figure out why I was liking to some Futurama thing about a Were-Car for the "send out the anti-virus" thing, so I changed that link with the relevent sound clip from that episode.

10/28 - What I've Been Up To
Today starts a series of updates in which I pass off my school work as site updates, so here's something I made for my electronic arts class, I'll Be Mellow When I'm Dead (Or When One of Us Is, Anyway) (possible spoiler warning).

9/17 - Party at the Leper Colony
The past month has been really busy for me. In a weak attempt at an update, here's a MOREC I hastily threw together on some Bizarre Search Queries I've gotten in the past few months.

8/17 - Kaboom
My computer crashed several days ago and took everything I'd been working on with it. Since then I've been trying to get drivers and programs and other stuff reinstalled, and the last time I'd made a backup of my site was when I transferred from the computer whose video kept going out.

I updated the link at the end of Daniel X review. Some joker went onto Wikipedia and removed that bit where Patterson said he wanted to be "the thrillingest thriller writer" so I had find another place that quoted that (which wasn't hard). And I noticed on the File Cabinet index the "Game Characters I Liked in 2004" link was misplaced. I'm still trying to figure out how it got between the Nightshade Insanity and Review Quickies, but I don't know.

7/13 - Updates Sink to a New Low
I did a guest comic over at The Blasphemer's Bible. Check it out!

Also, some Odds and Ends in MOREC. If MOREC is for stuff that didn't quite deserve full File Cabinet entries, this is a bunch of stuff that didn't quite deserve full MORECs, or bits I cut out of File Cabinet entries and other MORECS, or whatever other scraps I wanted to throw in there.

6/27 - Fukura
New File Cabinet entry, a review of the Nathan Spencer action figure. Also, an Aki-rant in MOREC.

And now another "knock it off" to somebody who can't figure out how to work a search engine, this time to whoever over the past few days has been repeatedly searching things like...

ultra force might

ultraforce might

ultraforce might?

how do i order some ultra force might

buy ultra force might

And some days alone I had seven friggin' hits from those first two. Sometimes I think searches like this come from people who have seen my site, then do stuff like this just to piss me off. If not, look, if you didn't find what you were looking for at my site the first time, searching "ultraforce might" another ten times isn't going to make it magically appear. Although the one with the question mark did crack me up, like this person wasn't sure about the search, or thought thought Google would give better results if he asked nicely.

6/10 - Requiem for a Beast
I threw up some more songs for the Amiga version of Shadow of the Beast, took down the shortened versions of the TG-CD songs because I didn't have them for all the TG-CD songs and couldn't be assed to ammend that, and added songs from the other two Beast games in the Game Music. A while back somebody put the soundtrack to all three games up on eBay. I didn't win the auction, but snagged his picture of the track listing on the back of the case and use that to get the real names of the songs, except I left "Intro" as "Shadow of the Beast". Granted, I don't have the disc to play and match up with the names, but with one exception it was pretty obvious - I couldn't figure out whether "Requiem for a Beast" or "Underwater" was the name of the jetpack area in Beast 1. By the way, I've gotten some search strings in my site stats from people searching for the Genesis SotB's soundtrack. I'm not putting up any music for that version - it's awful.

I also took down my Final Fantasy 4 songs because there's a hundred other, better places you can get those songs and more.

5/29 - Anger
A very hastily spewed out Gen 5 Pokerant in MOREC.

I've finally updated my Game Collection with my Atari stuff and whatever else I felt like adding.

And finally, a word to whoever keeps searching www.boyslife.org/danielx and different variations thereof: I don't know what you're looking for, but repeatedly coming to my site through that search string and changing it slightly isn't going to make it magically appear. Knock it off already.

5/15 - Over The Hill and Through the Woods
Ugh, sorry. Not only was it the end of the semester, but my computer finally started going. I'd be working when bam, the video went out. Apparently the computer itself was still working because any sound I had kept going, but whatever. So, I had to transfer some information and parts from old computers to another one we'd had sitting around. But school's out for the summer and I've got the new computer up and running. Although I need to sort out how to get screenshots, but hey, it's PCI so I can actually upgrade the video card for PC games I need a more powerful system for and can't get for consoles (Anyone who wants to tell me PC is always the superior way to play can go to hell).

Today I'm working on clearing out my gaming backlog with Review Quickies for games from last year: Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time, Exile, Super Paper Mario, Banjo-Tooie, Plants vs. Zombies, and Ratchet and Clank: Size Matters.

I've also added some music from the TG-CD and DS versions of Ys to the Music Downloads, and one Wild 9 song. I intend to get more Ys music up, but there's a lot of it. Man, I have got to get that section reorganized.

4/11 - Be Afraid
New MOREC: Five Top Fives, Pt. 2. I've also added IncognitO to the Links.

3/31 - Glowing People and Their Garbage
In my first real book review, I explain why Daniel X is Terrible.

Also, a new MOREC where I Criticise a Twilight Criticism. I decided to keep MOREC seperate from the File Cabinet not just because I love the name and title card, but the original purpose of that section was "Stuff that doesn't quite deserve a File Cabinet entry" and throwing those articles into the File Cabinet would kind of defeat that purpose, no?

Oh, and Alph? Or Mr. Respo? You're not supposed to give cats tuna. My own Einstein nearly died when my brother fed him a can of tuna a day for about a month. Offer me something I might actually want and maybe I'll answer your pleas.

3/20 - Prime Crime
I've added a Toys section to the File Cabinet and put up an article on The Ultraforce Prime Figure. If you haven't guessed by the title I gave this update entry, it sucks. Sorry to spoil the article.

And in the Links page, I've added The Almighty Guru, and Greybob's Igloo now has a button. Push iiiiiit.

3/12 - Something For Those With a Particular Fetish
Today, in an article nobody asked for, I take a look at Dr. Robotnik: Animation's Sexiest Fat Man. I disgust myself sometimes.

I also slightly altered the new File Cabinet title image. It looked to me like Codiekitty was using the drawer of papers as a litter box, and somebody else said they didn't see that, but CK just sitting on a flat surface with a few scraps of paper on it, which was still a problem. So, I edited the image so she's sunk deeper into the papers.

2/27 - Axes and Arranges
MSTCK is gone. The articles have been put back in the File Cabinet, along with the Blaster Master, Prime, and Ultraverse comic articles from the Comics Corner. I'm half tempted to throw My Opinion Ruined Everyone's Christmas in there as well, but we'll see on that one.

I redrew the title image and I edited the layout of the File Cabinet yet again, this time breaking up the articles into categories based on their subject. More categories will be made as I need them, and I can see myself making sections for Music and Toys when I need them. Yeah I have that Shadow of the Colossus satire with He-Man stabbing my cat to death which would probably go under Toys, but I'll wait until I make another toy-related article that preferrably couldn't also be put under Video Games (I have one in mind, anyway). And the Review Quickies would probably go under some Miscellaneous section (or MOREC) since there's more than game reviews in there, but that can wait for a friend, too.

2/12 - Sandpaper
When I uploaded that Pip & Flinx Book Cover article, my computer was acting up. At random intervals, the screen would scramble into a checkerboard of the image it had and little flashing squares of color, and the computer would freeze. I was desperate to get the article uploaded in case my computer broke down completely and took all my hard work with it, so I hadn't even bothered to proof read it before uploading it and taking my computer to the shop. Well, the computer's back, and I've made some adjustments to the thing.

I also toyed around with the File Cabinet some more. I think I finally found a layout that works, although I took out the intro until I can write one that sounds introductory instead of snarky. Now I have to do the same with the Comics Corner and MSTCK.

And I changed the name of the Condemned review again.

And finally, Super Galvatron's Corner Shop is now Rage Quitter 87's Sites, and the link has been updated accordingly. I took down the link to Aqua Bunny because it's gone. I liked that site, too : (

1/29 - Self-Explanation
Happy so-very belated new year. Today a File Cabinet article on why The Modern Pip & Flinx Book Covers Suck. That was worth a month's wait, right?

I also redid the File Cabinet main page. I was a bit annoyed with all the images on the left of the article link being different sizes, so I went and made them all into same-sized bars and got some new pictures for each while I was at it. It looks a little more professional now!

I also changed the name of the Condemned article because what I originally called it made me want to find my past self and punch me in the face. I still couldn't find a great title for it, but the new one makes me hate myself less.

UPDATE UPDATE LATER THE SAME DAY: Tinkered with the File Cabinet page a little more, bumping up the link font one size. And holy crap, that Nightshade article was a mess. I reformatted it and took out or rewrote some embarassing sentences.