2009 Updates

12/25 - Christmas Cleanup
In the Lemmings music I made a few minor changes. First, it had been brought to my attention a long time ago while checking my site reports that the song I called "Take Good Care of My Lemmings" was actually Pachelbel's Canon. A really sped up, cut down, and altered Pachelbel's Canon, but I still went ahead and changed that. I was also informed the Win95 "Keep Your Hair On, Mr. Lemming" took you to the Cancan. I fixed that.

It also seems I scared my stalker away, but not before he (she?) left this gem in my reports:

codiekitty.com -needs more -cowbell

How about of using funky math to tell me my site doesn't need more negative-cowbell, you just tell me my site needs more cowbell?

UPDATE UPDATE 12/26: Flying Omelette just posted the PSX soundtrack, so instead of stealing her thunder by posting those on my own Lemmings music page I'll just have you steal her bandwidth by adding a link to her.

UPDATE UPDATE 12/27: More touchups to Lemmings FOREVER, this time the Tribe Test. I realized a while back when I updated the result pages I didn't even finish writing the page for the Space tribe, some other results pages were lacking, and there was an unfinished sentence on the test page itself. I worked on that some.

12/15 - We Don't Want Stalkers on the Lawn
More Book reviews: Equal Rites, A Wizard of Earthsea, Mort, For Love of Mother-Not, and Sourcery.

Also, could whoever keeps searching things like...

codiekitty is a boulder

codiekitty is a sexy beast

codiekitty is such a great boulder

codie kitty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

hope you had a happy b day codiekitty! :

... just email me if they want my attention already? And while they're at it explain what the hell it means to call somebody a boulder?

11/22 - Holy Crap
Review Quickies today, and it's... books? Well, that's a first. And those books are His Majesty's Dragon, The Color of Magic, The Light Fantastic, A Spell for Chameleon, and No One Noticed the Cat. I'd actually read Holes between Color of Magic and Light Fantastic, but when I went to write the review I'd found it hadn't left any impression on me one way or the other, so instead of struggling to write some kind of review I cut that one.

Also, in the 10/03/09 game quickies, I had somehow switched Agony and Prince of Persia in the review page. Not a big deal, but I had to update that page to put in the 11/22/09 link anyway so I put them back in the order all the links say they're in.

10/31 - Boo
Got some review quickies to clear out in the future, but for now get your iPods ready! Or don't, I don't care. I've got some music today:

Agony (4 songs)
Shadow of the Beast (7 songs)

UPDATE UPDATE 11/01: So last night after I made this update I found out Nero could read my TG-CD Shadow of the Beast disc like a music CD, and I could have dumped the soundtrack that way instead of recording it with AvRack while running the game through Magic Engine and using the Sound Test. I also found the songs are all five to six minutes long, if not even longer. Okay, I like this game's soundtrack, but even I don't want to listen to those songs that long. I threw them up anyway in case somebody out there does, but left the short versions up. I also added a few songs I dumped in the process but hadn't made short recordings of.

And for a few hours after I made this update, I failed to notice I had the extended version of the Savanna song linking to the short version. That's fixed.

10/03 - We Don't Want Zombies on the Lawn
Again, not dead, I've just been busy with school and pissing away more free time than I care to admit on Plants vs. Zombies. Today I'll clear out a backlog of Review Quickies. Today it's Fable 2, Banjo-Kazooie, Agony, Prince of Persia: Sands of Time, Resident Evil 4, and Halo.

8/30 - Aftershock
In today's MOREC article, I discuss something I wanted to mention in the Bionic Commando 360 review, but left out because I wasn't sure how to smoothly fit it in and I felt there was already enough off-topic bitching about the plot, a look at Ladd Spencer: Organic Commando.

8/19 - Spitting on a Grave
So GRIN shut down a week ago, and I figured it was about time I got around to Bionic Commando: Raped, Pt. 2. Now if Team ICO would die too I'll have some of my faith in humanity restored.

Oh yeah, and I changed "Updated Stuff" to "Highlights" because I never seemed to change what was under there either out of lazniess on non-necessity, and also to have my favorite review I've ever written and, judging by my site tracker and linkers, my two most popular articles showcased on the front page.

8/01 - Chain Linking
I cleaned up the Links page. I added Greybob's Igloo, Super Galvatron's Corner Shop, and Scary Crayon, as well as descriptions for the links themselves. I also removed some sites that were either dead links, or didn't link to me and I didn't really care about anyway (and in mosts cases the only reason I linked to these sites in the first place was because they emailed me for an exchange only to take it back down. Screw you too, guys).

7/14 - List-ening
MOREC may have been meant for bile-spewing, but the heat is kept on low today with Five Top Five Lists. If you go to Flying Omelette's forum, these should look familiar, as they're taken straight from the Top 10 Lists topic with some changes.

Also, I just realized I was putting my 2009 updates under the 2008 updates. And when I moved the Smash Bros. Bawling article I forgot to go in and change the addresses. Woopsy daisy.

7/03 - Moaning Stones
New site section: My Opinion Ruined Everyone's Christmas. This section will be for nitpicking, sport-spoiling, flame baiting, ranting, venting, soapboxing, mud slinging, and basically whatever the hell all I feel like using that section for and isn't long enough or suitable for the file cabinet. My first article was the SSB: Brawl email (which I decided didn't need its own folder, so it's been moved). For my second article I'm going to go into why Banjo is a Dickhead.

6/10 - The Diamond in the Rough
Five turds and one gem in my review quickies for LocoRoco, LEGO Indiana Jones, Legend of Heroes: Tear of Vermillion, E.T. The Extra Terrestrial, Mirror's Edge, and The Secret of Monkey Island..

Yes, I got a 2600. A while ago actually. I guess expect a Game Collection update before too long.

5/30 - Email Adventures
In this unexpected turn of events, I've taken a cue from Flying Omelette's RAU Gallery and decided to share with you all an email in a short article I like to call Super Smash Bros. Bawling.

Unless something else pops up (which I doubt. I waited a while to see if any more amusing emails would roll in in response to that review, but I guess not), I should have something more solid next time.

5/18 - Yaaaay
Now that school's finally out, maybe I'll finally have the free time to accomplish more on the computer than burning some TurboGrafx-CD games I wasn't paying $80-$300 a pop for. So let's start by clearing some of the backlog of Review Quickies: Jak & Daxter: The Precursor Legacy, Shining Soul, Doom 2: Hell on Earth, Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Crisis Core: Final Fantasy 7, and PREY.

I also updated the link to Sweetbee's Game Hive.

4/12 - More Fun With the Hotlink Block
If you tried to access this site in the past week or so and got a "Forbidden" message, that was because I screwed up my hotlink block something fierce and somehow had it set to block .htm files. Thanks to Flying Omelette for pointing that out.

Still don't have a real update, but I'm working a couple things here and there.

2/28 - I'm Not Dead
Just having more frantic school fun. Not sure why, maybe it's taking two art studio classes, but I've been so much busier this semester, so updates might be scarce until I get out for the summer. I did some changes to the Lemming Tribe Test. First, I rewrote all twelve result pages. Secondly, I reworked some, but not all of the scores and responses. No new questions this time.

Okay folks, I guess this is why you should double check things BEFORE you upload them. Now the test isn't working for some reason. I'm trying to see what I did wrong, but I'm not sure if I can do it before they day is out. *sigh* Got it. The problem was a single missing plus sign in one of the answer tallies. And yes, I tested it this time.

1/16 - Sculpey
Wee, I got that new title banner I wanted! I had a second idea, but I guess there's always the random image code for that!

I've also got my first update to the Music Downloads since I first launched the new site back on Halloween 2006, was it? Unless you count that overhaul to the Lemmings Music Station I did a while back. Today I've got music for:

Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin (4)
CIMA: The Enemy (4)
Doom (9)
Elemental Gimmick Gear (1)
Elemental Master (6)
Tyrian (1)

In other news, I've rebought Earthbound. Found it at a local Play N Trade for $36. As I said at FO's forum, I've shaken hands and made up with this game. I still don't like it, but if Earthbound were a person I wouldn't mind sitting next to him in the lunch room if it was the only available seat, or if the alternatives were even worse. I'd be happy to chat with him, but he'd have to start the conversation.

UPDATE UPDATE 2/18: Gah, I mixed up the Earth and Wind stages in Elemental Master. That's been fixed.

1/08 - More Filler
A few things. I got a PSP, and I guess a Wii as well. Officially my mother got the Wii for the both of us since she wanted Wii Fit, but she hasn't used the thing at all since she got it on Christmas. I didn't actively want one, but since it's here I'm not ashamed to use it. Zack and Wiki's decent so far, but it does reinforce my preconceptions about the Wii by shoehorning pointless and often unresponsive motion controls into gameplay.

I updated my game collection accordingly, but hell if it's totally accurate. I've gotten so lazy about keeping it updated I don't know if I need to keep better track of it or just forget it completely. It doesn't help I've no idea how to categorize collections and compilations, digital downloads (Steam, Xbox Live Arcade), or some Sega CD and Saturn burns I ended up with because the guy in the eBay auction didn't make it clear the copy of Snatcher he was advertising wasn't an official one. From now on, I will only update when I get a new system. Even then, I will only update for that new system and any others with fairly small collections (say, less than a full screen on my monitor).

I've got such a backlog of actual material. I still need to finish that Ultraverse article, I have two movies I've wanted to write about for some time now and some songs to add to the music downloads, an idea for a new site section, and I've been meaning to redo the site banner for a while. The one I have now is badly drawn even by my standards. I think it's time to stop phoning it in and do some actual work on the place.