2007 Updates

12/25 - Merry Christmas
Because it's Winter time, I added Supernatural Skol to the Bestiary, and Native Ornith though it has nothing to do with Winter. I also added an image each to Bioweapon Erinshill and Myth Griffin.

I've also started a new File Cabinet article: The Street Fighter 2: Look and Find! I'm going to upload this in parts so as not to make it too overwhelming, especially since I'll be working on another article for a game system I got for Christmas. I won't say what it is, but here's a hint: it's the only system known for having worse game cover arts than the TurboGrafx. There's something else I've been meaning to write about, but I'd have to rewatch the movie first.

I updated my links, adding links to Aqua Bunny and Rocket Worm, two really nifty fanart sites, and I'm not sure why I didn't have a link to I-Mockery but I added that too. I also removed VG Cats and Ctrl+Alt+Del. I should have done that a long time ago, namely when I realized VG Cats and CAD weren't funny. I also removed Rayman Ultimate because it doesn't exist anymore.

I'll update the Collection later, probably next update, but for now, I bought a couple of games (Over Horizon and Zelda Outlands) from NES Reproductions, and I was really impressed with this guy's work. So, if you're not into emulation and want carts of some unreleased games and ROM hacks that are serious attempts at making a new game instead of some kid thinking it's cute to put male genitalia on everything, I'd definitely recommend it. And if you actually want a cart of Dick Dug or Bastard Master for some reason, I guess you could ask him, but I do hope that he either refuses, or when you send the donor carts he sends you back a bobcat.

12/13 - Robots
For the Bestiary, it's Supernatural Clauss and Myth Griffin. Also added images to Supernatural Merugid and Supernatural Lyuset, and I fixed the clock's shadow on Bioweapon Erinshill.

And while I said that was all for the Review Quickies, I should have specified video games. I decided to do one on TV shows: Blackstar, Futurama, Family Guy, and Robot Chicken. Yeah, sorry, there's only four, but they're all a reasonable length.

Update Update 12/14: Oh man, I was looking through the Review Quickies, and realized how awkwardly the Kid Icarus review was written. I fixed that.

12/02 - Happy Birthday to Me
It's a Collection update! Not all of the new games were for my birthday. Many I just acquired "normally" but never updated into the Collection until now. I also removed the comic intro. I haven't been told I've only played Blaster Master and Lemmings in a long, long time, and the rest of it just felt pointless.

Added to the Bestiary is Supernatural Agatha and Bioweapon Erinshill, and added one more image to Mutant Galamara.

Added to the Review Quickies is Kirby's Dream Land, Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker, Bonk's Adventure, Scurge Hive, ChuChu Rocket, and Gate of Thunder.

Also, I made a mistake in the Contra: Hard Corps one from the previous update. I had actually only beaten both of the paths leading from the Research Lab and got full, so I set it aside for a while. It's not so much four routes, but four endgames. If you choose to go after Deadeye Joe at the end of Stage 1 you get a different Stage 2, but then 3 and 4 are the same. At the end of stage 4 is another fork, and 5 and 6 are different from the Research Lab endgames.

And that's all for the Review Quickies for now, because I've only beaten one more game (Elemental Gimmick Gear on the Dreamcast). So I'll have to beat five more games before I write another page. I might be able to squeeze in five games by the end of the month, but I'd like to avoid games like D and Bonk's Adventure that I can beat in an hour or three as much as I can. I'll probably do some kind of Award thing at the end of the year.

11/22 - Gobble Gobble
As a Thanksgiving treat to you all, when I removed the ads from Lemmings FOREVER I took the opportunity to put together a massive update to the Music Station with near-complete soundtracks for the SNES, Genesis, PC Engine, and Win 95 versions of the first Lemmings. I left off some songs I thought were so obnoxious I didn't think anybody would want them, like "How Much Is That Doggie In The Window" for every version and the Genesis version of Menace which sounds like a bunch of buzzing and random percussion. Some kind of bug me, like Twang in every version, but I figured what the hell. I also added an Oddity.

Also, I got an email from Dreamhost saying on the 30th the server my site is on is going to be down for about eight hours for maintainence. So, if you come here on the 30th and the site doesn't come up, don't worry.

Added to the Review Quickies is Mega Man 6, Okami, Albert Odyssey: Legend of Eldean, Psychosis, Neutopia, and Contra: Hard Corps.

Surprise! No Bestiary update, but I'll have one next time.

11/13 - Of Drakes, Ghosts, and Lawyers
New to the Bestiary is Myth Draco and Machine Scylla. I also found something that's simultaneously interesting and embarassing on my hard drive, my first draft of Mutant Galamara.

I removed the ads from Suito Homu and fixed some spelling errors.

Added to the Review Quickies is ICO, Contra, Final Fantasy 7, Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney: Justice for All, D, and Monster Party.

11/05 - Holy Crap, Steady Updates
New to the Bestiary is Native Malroc, Native Piffin and Bioweapon Death Adder, and I added an image to Mutant Galamara and fixed the eye for Bioweapon Doppleganger.

Added to the Review Quickies is Metroid, Kid Icarus, Ys 3: Wanderers from Ys, Ratchet and Clank: Up Your Arsenal, Splash Lake, and Darkwing Duck. I also changed the "Meh" rating to "Eh". The expression "Meh" has started to bug me lately, and "Eh" better conveys indifference and mediocrity.

10/29 - We've Got Movie Siiiign!
Another new section: MSTCK. It's for movie-related stuff. I moved Suito Homu and Fifteen Questions About the Master of the Universe Movie there, but don't worry about updating your links because I left those two articles in the File Cabinet folder. Aren't I nice? And to commemorate what the name of the section is a take on, there's an article on my Ten Favorite MST3Ks.

I changed the name of "Ranting Reviews" to "Review Quickies" and added Ducktales 2, Plok, Legend of Zelda, Ys Book 1 & 2, Pokemon Diamond, and Rocket: Robot on Wheels.

I'm also in the process of removing the ads. They never had anything of relevence, sometimes they were disturbing like how the Suito Homu ads were always about Bankruptcy, and in the year I've had the new domain and those ads, I've earned a whopping six bucks.

10/12 - Heaven or Hell, Round One, LET'S ROCK
I changed the "Demon" section of the Bestiary to "Supernatural" and added Supernatural Lyuset. Also added is three more covers to the TurboGrafx Cover Art Bonanza and to the Ranting Reviews is River City Ransom, MDK2: Armageddon, Mega Man 5, Lufia and the Fortress of Doom, and Ratchet and Clank: Going Commando.

9/29 - Freaks!
I've started a new section called The Bestiary. It's a collection of critters, beasts, and monsters I've drawn over the past year or two. Some are doodles, other are more developed designs. There isn't much there right now, and some of the monster descriptions aren't even complete because I didn't want to overwhelm myself into never getting this done, and for the time being just wanted to find a layout that works. But unless I get lazy, that section should expand quickly (some of my class notebooks probably have more doodles than notes). I was holding off this update until I could get ahold of somebody who never showed up on AIM, but Jack Sheen yelled at me : (.

I also updated my Game Collection again, and added three covers to the TurboGrafx Cover Art Bonanza.

I haven't updated the capsule reviews in over a year because I was planning to just post one big page with every game I beat in 2007 on January 1st 2008. Don't ask what I was thinking or on. I've broken it up and I've started by posting Adventure, Mega Man 4, Drakengard, Dynowarz, Rockin' Kats, and Puss 'n Boots.

8/10 - Drinking Games
As well as another update to my Game Collection, I was emailed something interesting about Yamamura's song in Suito Homu Chapter 11.

And finally, I turned off hotlinking, because I was so very tired of finding my images plastered on the Internet, even on "professional" blogs, sapping my bandwidth and giving no credit whatsoever to me or my site. It's especially annoying with other websites which clearly have their own webspace and bandwidth for this.

6/20 - Ladies and Gentlemen...
The Twenty Most Overrated Games I've Played. Commence the flaming.

Also, I changed the site's background. I kind of like how it makes the site look like marble slabs in leaf litter. We'll see what I think about it in a week.

5/24 - Games and Covers Ahoy!
Probably the first "real" update since I moved the site back in October. A hefty update to my Game Collection - I've obtained more than 50 games since my last update. The highlight of my new entires is the TurboGrafx, specifically a TurboGrafx-CD, and I already own more games for it than the Dreamcast. To commemorate that, I'm taking a look at some of the more interesting game cover arts for the system. Maybe soon I'll finally get around to that Phantasy Star one I promised.

And I finally added the link to He-Man and the Colossus to the File Cabinet page.

I added a link to Crawl's Review Site. I'm not sure why I never linked him sooner, other than I'm really lazy about maintaining that page.

Something's coming folks, but I'm not sure when it'll be ready.

4/28 - Three More Months
No, I'm not dead folks. But I've got some things to announce.

One of our computers got infected with a Trojan. It wasn't the one I keep my website on, thank goodness, but it means two things:

A) The one I DO keep my website on is now in the house where I can easily and comfortably access it, so maybe I can actually get some work done now.

B) There is only one way I can think of that I got that virus, and it was through an email I opened with a subject about a link exchange, and the actual email only referred to me as "webmaster". This means that unless I personally know you, I WILL NOT open emails that don't have "CK.com" or "Codiekitty.com" in the subject, even if the subject sounds like it has some relevence to me. No exceptions. And really now, I've only got two email links on this site and both have "CK.com" in the auto subjects, and if somebody's typing the email address by hand and can't be bothered to type an extra six characters in the subject, I don't think I even want to read their email.

No actual updates today, but I've got a few things planned and in the works, but I haven't been able to put much time into them.

1/31 - Three Months
Hey folks. I'm sorry about the absence of updates. I've been kept from really doing anything because of weather, health, and motivation problems.

As some of you may know, the computer I update the site with is in a shack in our backyard. There's not much climate control or insulation, so in Winter the shack is really, really cold and in Summer it's really, really hot which explains why Winter and Summer have always been lite on updates. This year the weather's been nuts, what with rain and snow turning the backyard into an ice rink or a muddy bog, so I've had trouble even getting to the shack at times.

For health, since several months ago I've been having occasionaly breathing problems. Coughing fits with the sensation that I'm drowning (if this is asthma, it'd be strange to not have it as a kid then get it when I'm older). The last few times I was in the shack I started having this problem big time after less than an hour, perhaps caused by the dust and/or dampness of my surroundings.

Finally, I haven't had any ideas for this site. I've completed many games, but for the above reasons never got around to writting short reviews for them. I have plans for a future article, but it won't be ready for quite a while. In the mean time, enjoy the visit to the edges of my sanity with He-Man and the Colossus. There's no link on the File Cabinet main page because I haven't made a little picture for it yet. Yes, I'm sorry that's all you get after three months.

And I updated my Game Collection with birthday, Christmas, and misc additions.

Lastly, I noticed the Sweet Home ROM download was getting a lot of failures. I found out why that was and fixed it. It had to do with case sensitivity, and my computer not having it when I tried it from the files on my computer.