2006 Updates

10/31 - Overhauls
Trick or treat, folks! Welcome to the new site! You'll notice a few changes about it. First, the site's changed hosts. SMBHQ was a nice host, but I still felt limited by it. The site's also changed names to "Codiekitty.com". There were a few reasons for the name change, but the main one is the site's no longer soley about video games, much less soley about Nintendo. It's more about my overall interests, and having a .com named after yourself is generally a good way to name a site like that (plus, I couldn't come up with anything else >_>).

I've also made a layout change to the front page. Instead of the tacky looking sprites with a horizontal rule and the name of the section, I tried to make something a little more uniform and original. Okay, the images are rough, but it's the best I can do with the software I have, and I acutally kind of like the gritty feel to them. I'm eventually going to put images for the titles of the sections like what I've done for the Comics, except only Comics is going to be the way it is (I'll let you see what I mean by that), but for now I just thought I'd get the main page taken care of.

And yes, it's Lemmy Chapter 8! But before you get your hopes up, read the rest of this paragraph. You'll notice something is very different about it; about a third of it is text. After almost two years and no rekindling of my interest in sprite comicing, here's what I finally decided to do with: Set up all the frames I had made, then copy and paste my script where I had no frames for it. And as you read it, you'll realize my will to do this was killed by not just my losing heart in sprite comics, but the fact the story sucked and I had no idea where I was going with it. It's lazy, but there's just no way it would have gotten done otherwise. I deeply apologize for you all waiting so long for something that's complete crap. As for what I'll do in the future, maybe I'll just post some basic outline of where it was going.

So, to make it up to you all, I've done something I've always wanted to, but couldn't because somebody atSMBHQ or VGF would have screamed at me for the strain on storage space and bandwidth. I've created a Game Music page where you'll currently find music from Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow, PC Earthworm Jim, Final Fantasy 4, PC Garfield: Caught in the Act, Mega Man X 4 and 7, PS2 Shinobi, Wario Land 3, and Wild 9. More games and music to come.

While I was putting the ads in, I took a moment to fix some typos and rewrite some captions for the Suito Homu article.

I also made some updates to the Links page, which I changed a while ago but never announced. Removed and fixed some broken links I missed and added a link to Absolute Mario.

I also started keeping an Update Log. I already decided it was time to start one, but I especially didn't want to lose that thing about Steve Irwin.

Lastly, I updated my Game Collection. You'll notice I got a into kick of pumping up my Dreamcast collection.

9/07 - Rant, Rants, and Bitch
I've got not one, but two presents for my children. The first is that article I've been working on, Fifteen Questions About the Masters of the Universe Movie! The other is an update to the Ranting Reviews with Super Mario 64 DS, Skullmonkeys, Sigma Star Saga, New Super Mario Bros., and Vagrant Story. I also did some tinkering with Yoshi's Story in the previous page.

I also cleaned up the Links page, removing dead links, or sites that were just a complete and unbearable mess.

And now I have to blow off some steam about something. As you all know, on Monday, "Crocodile Hunter" Steve Irwin was killed when a stingray ran its barb through his heart. It shocked me and broke my heart, and I actually cried during Jay Leno's tribute to him on Tuesday. But the past few days I have seen people on message boards and blogs saying things like "DEATH TO STINGRAYS!" and "I bet Steve Irwin is in heaven beating up all the stringrays!" Spewing garbage like this only serves to show the world you have no idea who Steve Irwin was or what his work was about. It was not about getting an adrenaline rush by tempting fate with a cobra or crocodile, but teaching us to respect these dangerous creatures we'd slaughter otherwise. And if you'd ever actually seen an episode of Crocodile Hunter, you'd see how many times he got maimed and never once blamed the animal, and even chastised a staffer who got bitten by a venomous snake (which was luckily for him a dry bite). Oh yes, he's so happy knowing people are demonizing stingrays over this.

Another disturbing thought is the possibility of people saying he got what was coming to him after the Baby Bob incident. You may think I'm pulling that fear out of nowhere, and maybe to an extent I am, but I have honestly seen people say Brandon Lee getting killed on the set of The Crow was him making up for the comment about Lundgren's manhood in Showdown in Little Tokyo. Yes, it was questionable, but anyone who wants to say he deserved to die for it can burn in hell.

7/25 - The Horror!
A new entry to the file Cabinet: The Blaster Master Comic. This actually is not the entry I had planned for a while. I'm still working on that one. I just found these comics on my hard drive and had to write about them.

I'm wondering what to do with Lemmy. Six months ago I really had it going with Chapter 8, but due to complications with a "fan" who wouldn't leave me alone about it and badgering me about announcing who the cellmate was BLOWING THE ENTIRE SURPRISE my interest croaked and I've yet to rekindle it. At the rate it's going it's going to take me ten years to complete it. I don't know if I should force myself to continue, just can the entire series, or leave up the chapters I've done and put up an outline of what I planned to do. Whichever I do, I'm retiring from sprite comics afterwards. It's quite obvious my heart is simply not in it anymore.

6/05 - Games
So, two things: first off, I got that Rants section uploaded, along with a new section for Kirby Canvas Curse, Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney, Final Fantasy IV Advance, and Yoshi's Story. I should look into a way to jump from page to page, like what I had in Suito Homu, but I'll do that later.

I also updated my Game Collection.