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10/20 - What's This Odd Feeling Of Getting Stuff Done?
For those who don't follow me on Twitter, I got tooth pulled on the 10th. For several months I had been dealing with swelling and abscessing in my gums between my #2 and #3 teeth (backmost upper right molars in front of the wisdom tooth I don't have). Before I traveled to housesit, I went to a dentist who thought it was an infection from a piece of food getting stuck in my gums, and gave me some medicated mouthwash that I thought did the trick. Shortly after my trip to the city started, the abscess came back.

When the tooth became painfully cold sensitive, I went to another dentist. The X-ray showed possibly dying nerves, but more concerning was a dark space between the outside of the tooth and the inner pulp. Fearing I was going to have to get a root canal, I went to an endodontist who did a 3D scan of the area, where they found the tooth was afflicted with resorption; basically, my mouth had decided "Fuck this tooth" and was chewing a hole in it. A root canal wouldn't have fixed it (the surrounding cells would have continued eating the tooth), and extraction was the only solution. Now I have to wait two to four months before I can get an implant.

The tooth pulling meant I took a week off of WoW, where I managed to work on the July 2016 quickies.

Also, a couple of coding changes I'm making. First, I have to go through and and italicize game/book/movie/etc titles in old articles, like they should have been from the start. For ages I didn't do that even though I knew it was wrong because older pages didn't have the titles italicized and I thought it'd be confusing if some pages had italics and others didn't. But one day I decided, "the site's already a mess because of that layout update I've been sitting on for two years. Might as well fix that while I'm at it." All the 2016 quickies have been fixed.

Second, reader Whitney Clark notified me that I still had "alt" tags for mouse-over captions, when nowadays it's supposed to be "title". I've fixed those on the Lemmings pages it applied to. I also fixed the bug where the lemmings background wasn't repeating.

- CK

09/15 - This is Why I Resisted WoW For So Long
I managed to tear myself away from World of Warcraft long enough to finally put together a page for the game prototypes I made in the last two semesters of class. After I get the Netherwing mounts and Crazy for Cats achievement, I really need to take at least a weeklong break from that game.

Some people might wonder why I didn't move my review of *that* game into the Recommended Readings on the top of this page. While I do think that trashing was one of my better writings (if a bit long, but fuck, that game was crawling with problems), I was getting tired of seeing that game's name on the front page of my site.

- CK

A while back I tweaked the Music page to be less of clusterfuck. I guess I was a little too excited about having just learned some CSS when I revamped that, huh? But more importantly, there's another collection of Odds and Ends in MOREC.

- CK

07/06 - My World Spins In Place Forever
I'm finally caught up on the 2016 Quickies with May and June. Maybe I can finally get around to posting those prototypes I made in a game development class.

- CK

06/21 - Oh, I Guess Mighty No 9 is Out Today
Next up, the March and April 2016 quickies. Don't expect a whole lot, it's two months of me trying to figure out what to say about a bunch of RiffTrax and MST3K features.

I've also added From a Mind of Eternal Chaos to the Links.

- CK

05/25 - Stuck in a Broom Closet
Now that I've graduated with a shiny new degree in Computer Informations, it's time to start clearing out the backlog of stuff I've been meaning to work through. First up, it's the January and February 2016 quickies.

- CK

03/22 - Undergears of Isaac
To make up for the update drought, I have both the December quickies and 2015 in Review. I meant to get this up a couple weeks ago, but I came down with a nasty cold and am still coughing up gunk.

By the way, I thought I'd explain why it's been a year and a half since I published the second chapter of the Merged Hulk writeup with no sign of the final chapter. First, the first two chapters were written around the time I started back to school, and subsequent semesters have been taking a significant chunk of my time and energy. Second, I'm just not that passionate about the issues after Rick's wedding, so motivating myself to write about them is that much harder.

Another thing I thought I'd mention is why I don't do those search query compilations anymore. Dreamhost changed the way they do those, and I get hardly any in my stats anymore.

- CK

01/19 - A Celebration To Being Losers!
And now the November quickies. Warning: Undertale gushing ahoy.

- CK

01/03 - Old Habits
Shit, did I just go two months without an update? I guess I slipped into my 2006 habits.

No, it's just been a hectic past couple months for me and my computer classes. But let's get things back on track, starting with the October quickies.

It's a new year and a new chance to make resolutions to break, but let's see if I can keep a consistent update schedule for 2016.

- CK

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