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7/30 - From Nuking a Scientist to Nuking Some Lemmings
The next chapter of the Merged Hulk is going to take a while, so I decided that in between updates to that I'm going to work on cleaning up Lemmings FOREVER. For starters I've redone the Lemmings Music page so that it's in the same format as the main Game Music page. I've also added the complete soundtrack for Adventures of Lomax and an extended, but not yet complete listing for 3D Lemmings. I'll add more songs to that one later.

There's some other versions of the original Lemmings I need to add, most notably the friggin' Amiga version. I might also have to rerip some of the current music, as I may have run it through that same conversion tool that deformed some of the Garfield: Caught in the Act music - the Genesis versions of Awesome and Twang sound warped, and others have popping sounds.

I've temporarily taken down the Win95 versions - I can't exactly explain why, but those ones are hard as hell to write descriptions for and they were holding up the entire update. They'll be back next update when I've figured out something to hammer out. I also noticed I'm missing some songs for the console versions of Lemmings, like the ending theme for the SNES version. I deliberately left Menace off the Genesis version because it just sounds like noise to me, but eh, I'll probably add it when I redo the Genesis music.

And a shoutout to reader darthlink for pointing out some typos on various pages of the site.

I had no idea until an ad related to it showed up in my email, but the San Diego Comic-Con is just around the corner. So I guess it's a great time for me to launch my writeup on the Merged Hulk, which I did a Quickie for back in October 2013. This first chapter covers roughly twenty-two books, some more thoroughly than others. As I was working on it I realized that with about 60 books to cover, I needed to stagger it out. Chapters 2 and 3 will follow.

"Yeah, right Codie. Look what happened with your article on the Ultraverse."

I'm trying to get back to that.

UPDATE UPDATE 7/20: Thanks to site reader Whitney for pointing out that I had the recent updates labeled as August instead of July.

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