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9/23 - Tippy-Typey
Now that I'm over my bug, I redrew the File Cabinet image for the Table of Contents. Unfortunately, in between school and an external project that got hit with a major setback (I'm not sure I can disclose the details yet, but I'll tell you what happened when the time comes), that's all I got around to doing. I guess I'll have the August and September quickies next time.

9/07 - Does This Mean the Weather's Finally Cooling Down?
Nothing major today, just continuing down the list of "Things I Really Should Have Done Ages Ago". First up, I've altered the layout of the main page so the table of contents is side-by-side with the update log, and resized the link images slightly. Second, I finally fixed the tables in the Bestiary. I also meant to redraw the image for the File Cabinet because it looks wonky to me, but I was nailed by allergies yesterday and spent the whole day groggy as fuck, so I just touched up CK's pupils a bit to make it a little less crap for now. I'll get to completely redoing it later.

By the way, I've gotten a couple emails saying my site would be better if it looked prettier, or that it looks "90s-ish"... but they don't elaborate on what they mean. I'll admit my site doesn't have any Java bells and whistles, but if you think something could be improved, you need to tell me more than "it could be improved." What could be improved? The format? The colors? The font? What?

9/02 - Five Miles if You Love Lemmings
The Genesis music for the original Lemmings has been reripped and four songs have been added, those being Ending, Intro, Menace, and Ufouria. I think I recorded the older versions of the songs by plugging my physical Genesis into my computer, but this time around I just dumped the .VGM files from WinAmp. Some time in the future I might rerecord them from the system and post both versions, because the WinAmp dumps are a little... sharp, I guess is the word I'm looking for?

By the way, I was asked what happened to the Lemmings DDR song. Well, I wasn't sure where to put it, so I just removed it for the time being. I'll probably add it to the Lemmings 2 listing when I get around to that.

I've also made a slight change to my April Fool's 2014 MOREC, since GOG.com had to delist Painkiller.

8/21 - No, I Still Haven't Forgiven This Game's Ending
Over in Game Music there's a new listing for NIER. I've said before that I think this game's soundtrack is a bit overrated, but what the hell, it's decent enough and I needed a break from Lemmings music.

And another shoutout to Whitney for pointing out I had two songs with the same description and left a sentence unfinished over in the Lemmings music.

UPDATE UPDATE: Oh, well, I just received a newsletter from WaterMelon announcing their intentions to make an action RPG for the Dreamcast. You mean these guys still haven't taken me off their mailing list after this?

2) There was a bug that caused "The Incomplete Stone" to only be partially uploaded. The full version is up, so if you tried to download it earlier and it cut out about thirty seconds in, try again. Hooray for aggressively limited bandwidth caps and not being able to check this shit.

8/13 - Super Chevon Boy
Two things, today. For the hors d'oeuvres, the rest of the 3D Lemmings soundtrack has been posted over in the Lemmings Music, and the Win95 music has been reinstated.

For the main course we have the July quickies. So much for going back to doing those every other month.

7/30 - From Nuking a Scientist to Nuking Some Lemmings
The next chapter of the Merged Hulk is going to take a while, so I decided that in between updates to that I'm going to work on cleaning up Lemmings FOREVER. For starters I've redone the Lemmings Music page so that it's in the same format as the main Game Music page. I've also added the complete soundtrack for Adventures of Lomax and an extended, but not yet complete listing for 3D Lemmings. I'll add more songs to that one later.

There's some other versions of the original Lemmings I need to add, most notably the friggin' Amiga version. I might also have to rerip some of the current music, as I may have run it through that same conversion tool that deformed some of the Garfield: Caught in the Act music - the Genesis versions of Awesome and Twang sound warped, and others have popping sounds.

I've temporarily taken down the Win95 versions - I can't exactly explain why, but those ones are hard as hell to write descriptions for and they were holding up the entire update. They'll be back next update when I've figured out something to hammer out. I also noticed I'm missing some songs for the console versions of Lemmings, like the ending theme for the SNES version. I deliberately left Menace off the Genesis version because it just sounds like noise to me, but eh, I'll probably add it when I redo the Genesis music.

And a shoutout to reader darthlink for pointing out some typos on various pages of the site.

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